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Natasha is an inclusive designer, maker and researcher whose work focuses on mental difference and neurodiversity as a way to foster new conversations and new approaches to the world around us. Her work examines different ways of experiencing and processing the world – from people with hidden disabilities and neurodivergent communities such as dyspraxic and autistic persons, through to people living with dementia; she also works with neurotypical people.

Natasha studied Information Experience Design (IED) at the Royal College of Art and has a Masters degree in IED, with a background in Graphic design and Inclusive Design. She is also a special educational needs/disability practitioner working with children and young people with disabilities. She has exhibited widely, creating sensory workshops and exhibits at cultural institutions and organisations including The Victoria and Albert Museum, The London Design Biennale at Somerset House, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britain. She is also one of the Shaw Trusts Power list top 100 influential disabled/impaired people in the UK; in addition to this she currently sits on Wellcome Collection's Inclusive Practices advisory panel.


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Natasha Trotman



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