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Caitlin is a recent graduate from Durham University, who first heard about the SPI Lab when writing her literature review on the potential role of omega-3 in the treatment of depression (aptly titled ‘Super fish oil or superficial?’). Being well aware of the need for us to better understand mental health and mental illnesses, this area was a natural choice, even though her formal education so far had been in pure biology and chemistry. Since finishing her degree in summer 2020, she has started a role in scientific research and enjoys keeping up-to-date by reading journal articles about mental health in her spare time.

She can often found smiling, searching for good coffee and encouraging friends to talk about mental health. And just for balance, she might also be found (nearly) running late, overthinking and writing sentences that are far too long!

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Caitlin Pentland

Caitlin Pentland



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