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Nare Amasi-Hartoonian is a research assistant at the Stress, Psychiatry & Immunology (SPI) lab at King’s College London, who is aspiring to pursue a career in research and complete a PhD.

Her interests include exploring the aetiology, pathogenesis and treatment of common or multifactorial diseases like mental health disorders in greater depth.

She became interested in mental health research during her undergraduate studies after completing her sandwich placement in Spain about the pharmacogenetics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She later completed her MSc in Psychiatric Research at King’s College London.

Nare believes that uncovering the impact of contributing factors during different stages of life on the biological, cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in leading to these disorders, could not only help identify novel drug targets but also improve diagnosis and reduce the stigma associated with mental disorders.


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Nare Hartoonian



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