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  • Does stress early in life leave an imprint in our guts? The gut microbiome and mental health.

    We all experience stress. In rodents, even brief mild stress changes the composition of gut bacteria, as does chronic stress. One particularly pernicious form of stress is early life stress (also referred to as adverse childhood If our bowel bacteria are sensitive to stress, does the stress we experienced early in life leave an women without early life stress.

  • Burnout in Medical Students and Wellbeing

    There is no doubt that the practice of medicine has always been an extremely stressful profession, but late, with the introduction of more complex investigations and interventions, it has become even more stressful Additionally, factors such as loneliness, isolation, the stress of medical education, financial pressures Of the three stages of burnout, the first one is to do with stress arousal, poor concentration, memory Bullying and harassment can contribute to stress and burnout, so these must be eliminated with prompt

  • Are all stressors of equal measure?

    types like physical stress (e.g., pain or illness) from psychosocial stress (e.g., social isolation depression outcomes in mice by investigating the effects of physical stress and psychosocial stress. but was not affected in response to physical stress. and not psychosocial stress. While in contrast, psychosocial stress promoted depression, increased inflammation, blunted the stress

  • Do women have it worse off when it comes to epilepsy outcomes?

    But what was really interesting was the relationship to stress. , and one in five told us that all their seizures were triggered by stress. But what is it about women’s response to stress that makes their seizures worse? Perhaps this is a clue to the sex difference in stress response and how it affects seizures. And as we know, chronic stress can result in a maladaptive inflammatory response.

  • The Bow that Bends but Doesn't Break: Might Flexibility Reduce Depression Risk?

    Jan Kiecolt-Glaser’s Stress and Health Lab. When we experience chronic stress, like the pandemic, it is as if there is a constant tension on that I also saw how many of us, as chronically-stressed and socially-isolated people, did not handle daily What exactly is a physical response to stress? Over time, this stress-induced inflammation may increase depression risk. So What Can Be Done?

  • The Trials and Tribulations of Moral Perfectionism

    We can of course assume that the latter most definitely causes some stress in everyday life. We can assume that added stress may come to play but without explicit research to say so, we cannot be Socially prescribed perfectionism is linked to stress in many ways, not just due to the stress the experience Research has suggested that these perfectionists tend to have more negative emotional responses to stress and may generate interpersonal stress for themselves.

  • Dads: An Untapped Resource in The Perinatal Period

    Furthermore, fathers may experience, report, and present mental health symptoms as stress or externalising They found that 7% of fathers presented with high stress in the perinatal period with this rising to This stress impacted their newborns and was found to be associated with child emotional and behavioral problems at 24months, demonstrating that paternal perinatal stress and mental health problems may be Stressed fathers may have a reduce ability to parent and form attachments with the baby, have a reduced

  • Coping with Life: Adjusting sails in storms

    With any stressful event, adrenaline and cortisol hormones are released. The body prepares itself for the fight-or-flight physiological response to stress. Long-term stress can impact our physical as well as mental health and should be taken seriously. How do we cope with life’s constant stress-inducing nature? Talk it out It’s not just a saying, science agrees that verbalizing our feelings eases the stress load

  • Yoga is not "woo-woo" anymore: yoga can reduce inflammation, according to research

    I am a postdoctoral researcher and project manager at the Stress, Psychiatry and Immunology (SPI) Lab You can see some of my publications on yoga philosophy & mental health, yoga and stress, and my recent Current medical knowledge recognises the role of stress in the development of psychiatric conditions Acute and chronic stress, mainly through the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis (the name given Finally, yoga has also been advised for stress in patients with breast cancer.

  • Aspiring Parents: Insights for Those Seeking Medical Assistance

    All these factors can exacerbate stress, potentially leading to discontinuing medical treatments and If you are expecting a baby, you should keep in mind that the prenatal period can be stressful, and it These changes may increase stress levels and lead to social isolation. Furthermore, transitional phases and stressful moments can negatively impact a couple’s relationship. relationship through small daily gestures, such as emotionally supporting your partner during times of stress

  • How to Help Babies Sleep Better Without Just Leaving Them Crying

    After a while, I started feeling stressed and asked why they would not go to him. They also said that, in the beginning, they found it very stressful to not respond to the baby's crying However, this does not mean they are necessarily not experiencing stress; they may have just learnt to Indeed, many parents find such sleeping techniques very stressful, and many regret having used them. This is because, to stay awake, they have produced high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which

  • The Role of Psychoneuroendocrinology in Health and Disease

    to test how people respond to acute stress. hormones, while the participant is completing stressful tasks. What is deemed ‘stressful’ varies from person to person. As mentioned before, the stress response includes different bodily aspects. are in evoking a stress response.

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