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  • The Winter of Blackouts: Ukraine in the Dark. Part 3

    country’s public health sector and the mental health of our generation after years of battling constant stress In my effort to understand the consequences of power outage-related stress, I spoke to a Ukrainian psychologist Children are mirroring the stress and tension their parents are going through, which often spills out a price to pay for the constant “fight or flight” mode and the huge amounts of cortisol (the body's stress Surveys of people living through the power shortages often report spiking rates of stress, anxiety, and

  • Stuck in the spiral of 'what if'? Understanding the basics of Catastrophising

    brain in particular, the amygdala, has a key role in detecting threats and quickly priming us to elicit stress It can be helpful when we haven’t got learned information about potentially stressful stimuli (we haven psychological disorders such as health anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and posttraumatic stress likely for our thinking to head toward the spiral, such as negative mood states or periods of increased stress Catastrophising might ultimately stem from somewhere beneficial, but that doesn’t mean it cannot lead to a lot of stress

  • My Experience of Burnout as an Author (and How You Can Avoid It)

    crying, she placed her hand on my arm and said, "you are burned out and experiencing high levels of stress It was what executives got, what celebrities went through, and what people with high-powered, stressful The term ‘burnout’ describes a severe stress condition that leads to serious physical, mental, and emotional We’ve all remarked on occasion that we are ‘really stressed’, but chronic stress can be the cause of How can staying at home and making up stories lead to such high levels of exhaustion and stress that

  • Behind Cats' Purrs and Their Healing Power-Sharing the Benefits

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Nicole, a researcher at the Stress, Psychiatry & Immunology (SPI) lab at Endorphins help decrease stress hormone levels. Lowered stress hormones are helpful for healing, lowering blood pressure, and helping people cope with Purring as anti-stress and anxiety If these “healing powers” were not enough, the combined effects of their relaxing presence and their purr make cats powerful against stress and anxiety.

  • How are Ukrainian mental health workers responding to a collective crisis?

    in 2017, 84.6 % of Ukrainians from the general population reported having experienced post-traumatic stress People report the most typical issues: burnout, recovery from a breakup, sleep problems, stress, anger For example, we added calming audio fairytales in Ukrainian, de-stressing games, and advice for different I think after the war, it will be essential to provide solutions for handling the stress brought on by From the beginning of the war, 64.6% of Ukrainian users used the app to reduce stress, 64.2% to feel

  • Working together to protect the well-being of preterm babies and their families

    Research has shown that mental illness and stress can increase the risk of pregnancy and birth complications While it is important to avoid “getting stressed about the fact that you feel stressed” and rather focus We know that preterm birth can be very stressful or even traumatic. As much as premature birth is stressful for parents, the same is true for babies. to those described following adversity in childhood, which are ascribed to the experience of “toxic stress

  • Mind-Body Harmony: Unraveling Yoga's Impact on the Brain

    Regular yoga practice has been associated with reduced stress and anxiety levels. indicated that experienced yogis may exhibit higher levels of delta brainwaves and lower levels of stress-related brainwave patterns, such as beta waves, even when confronted with stressful situations in their daily can increase activity in the slower brain waves, leading to a sense of calm and a better response to stressful

  • Aquaporin-4, a mysterious new suspect in depression

    degree in Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), home to the Stress The link between stress, inflammation, depression and AQP4 It has been known for a while now that both stress and inflammation are important parameters in depression. Animal studies First of all, we looked at studies performed on mice exposed to stress or inflammation Exposing animals to stress and inflammation usually decreased the levels of AQP4 in their brains.

  • Preparing for the arrival of a new baby and the transition to parenthood

    associated with many changes and challenges and, as a result, parents have to deal with high levels of stress It is therefore important for parents to reduce their levels of stress, to protect their wellbeing and their baby’s too, as stress during pregnancy and postnatally can also have negative effects on the infant's To reduce stress, it is important to start thinking about possible strategies that can help deal with However, parents can feel stressed, frustrated, and bored.

  • ‘What If My Best Isn’t Good Enough?’ My Journey with Academic Success and Validation at School

    What would have been an already stressful period for those leading up to taking exams, was amplified So, as someone who loves to learn, I started to do some research on academic stress and the impact of The Impact of Stress Having panic attacks the night before exams and feeling so nervous I couldn’t sit that academic-related stress can lead to the development of mental health issues, such as depression My Experience Researching the effects of academic stress resonated with me deeply.

  • The importance of responding to a crying baby

    self-regulatory strategies, behaviours aimed at handling negative emotions and reducing their level of stress This ability will help them to understand their own emotions and those of others, manage stressful situations associated with the infant's production of high levels of cortisol, which is the hormone released during stressful Prolonged exposure to the baby crying is stressful also for the caregiver. It triggers a stressful response in the body and, specifically the release of cortisol and of other hormones

  • Maternal Bonding in Women at Risk of Postpartum Psychosis

    The role of psychiatric symptoms and parenting stress Postpartum psychosis: which are the symptoms and Our research has found that maternal experience of childhood maltreatment, high perceived stress and The role of parenting stress Another important finding of the study was that parenting stress, the stress Interestingly, the more stress women experienced in their parenting role, the more negative was their Indeed, we found that parenting stress, similarly to psychiatric symptoms, was an important predictor

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