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  • Mind and Body, constantly interacting: What do they say to each other?

    Stress can trigger anxiety or exacerbate many diseases and disorders, such as high blood pressure and Stress can also cause muscle tension, leading to physical pain, including in the neck, back, or head, practical understanding of the interaction between psychological processes, the nervous system, and the stress placements, these will run across mind-body interface research laboratories within the IoPPN, including: the Stress

  • Family Connection as a preventive behavioural intervention

    for a parent to connect with their children if they are battling emotional distress, turbulence and stress The CO-SPACE study of 6000 parents showed increased rates of depression, anxiety and stress following Given the transgenerational impact of parental stress on the ability to connect with children, supporting We cannot control the external environmental factors that may stress our children when they are adults

  • Has the $1.8 trillion Wellness Industry commodified mental wellbeing?

    places its role in mental wellness, is helping with ways of coping with everyday challenges such as stress health charity, provides tips to help improve mental wellbeing including trying to relax and reduce stress Claiming to be ‘the most science-backed meditation app’, they boast stats such as a 32% decrease in stress

  • Why Early Parent-Infant Relationships Matter

    I found these words very stressful, and, although it may have been an isolated episode for a new parent Growing up, the child will also be more likely to successfully deal with negative emotions and stressful self-esteem, to form positive intimate relationships, to succeed in their studies and career, to manage stress parents in childhood, or with their current partner, lack of support, socio-economic disadvantage, stressful

  • Don’t fret! Use music to manage your pain

    It can be a great source of anxiety and stress, which then exacerbates the experience of pain. This causes a never-ending back-and-forth of issues, with anxiety and stress causing more pain, and then more pain causing more anxiety and stress, repeating until you are in a spiral of both physical and breathing, and blood pressure (essentially, whatever you need to relax), and reduce those levels of stress

  • Quiet Quitting - a controversial trend or valid boundary setting?

    recognition at work don’t compensate for fall-out like poorer home life, strained family relationships, stress quiet quitting as a ‘self-indulgent sulk’, invalidating and downplaying the link between workplace stress However, people’s mental health in relation to work must be taken seriously, and we know that external stresses A better understanding of workplace stress and its consequences on our mental health is needed by employers

  • "Scream Therapy" Can Make You Feel Happier and Calmer

    In today's times, where we are fast-moving and stressed, scream therapy has caught my attention because of its unique approach and ability to provide an unconventional yet potentially cathartic release of stress trauma is often the root of many mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress

  • Unmasking the Trauma: Narcissistic Abuse and the Hidden Scars of PTSD

    abuse at the hands of a “narcissist” can sometimes be associated with the development of Post Traumatic Stress Individuals who are in a toxic relationship with a “narcissist” may notice that they sometimes feel anxious, stressed disturbing dreams can leave them feeling emotionally drained and anxious when they wake, triggering their stress

  • An Underrated Superpower? The Science Behind High Sensitivity

    constantly respond more saps energy, and a bombardment of sensory data makes HSPs prone to suffer extra from stress The same sensory depth that makes them more prone to struggle when they have to handle stress, then, encouraged to stay busy and stay tough, HSPs need to be better than most at saying no to unnecessary stressors your sensitivity and care for yourself, says Elaine Aaron herself, becomes extra necessary when undue stress

  • It's More Than Just a Sport: A Self-Discovery Journey

    Have you ever been so stressed out, that all you want to do is just relieve that tension? We all know that physical activities are good for your mental health, helping you relieve stress and activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing, including positively impacting our mood, reducing stress

  • Complexity and distress: the mental load of living with Type 1 Diabetes

    Research suggests there are genetic pre-dispositions to T1D, which can be provoked by a virus/infection or stress are not only influenced by what you eat and how much insulin you’ve injected, but also by exercise, stress mentally calculating the carbs in each course before they’ve even seen it; how every walk, run, or stressful

  • Walter Mitty's Case For Fiction

    I read one story in particular that granted me justification and insight about distractions during stressful The case to partake in avoidance coping is a strong one that is further bolstered by feelings of stress In stressful times, escapism is necessary. However, when society’s psyche is barraged by feelings of stress, anxiety, and guilt, practicing escapism It is fitting; in a world where people suffer and stress for countless reasons, escapism will always

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