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A new opportunity at King's College London!

Our new MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mind-Body Interface will educate and inspire students in a unique way that integrates theoretical and practical knowledge on both the psychology and the neuroscience underlying brain/mind processes, and their connection with physical symptoms.

The course has been developed so that you will gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the interaction between psychological processes, the nervous system, and the stress and immune system. It will focus on both the clinical and molecular mechanisms of the brain and the mind in the context of mental health disorders, as well as on their interaction with body disorders and their underlying mechanisms, which in turns influence and are influenced by the brain/mind.

If you choose this course, you will be primarily based at the IoPPN, a flourishing and expanding faculty within King’s College London, with the opportunity to carry out a placement at Inspire the Mind. The IoPPN is ranked 2nd in the world for psychology and psychiatry (US News, Best Global Universities), and it is home to one of the world's largest centres for mental health and neuroscience research.



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