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At the Back of Your Mind: A fun, fresh mental health podcast

Hosted by mental health researchers at King’s College London

We were on the way out of the final UK lockdown when a group of young female scientists (spoiler alert, us!), already writing and editing for InSPIre the Mind, made a plan to take the blog off the page and into the ears of their audience.

Yes, the blog was flourishing, and the format had worked for years, but we are part of the generation hooked on podcasts. We listen to them while having breakfast, when out for a run, doing food shopping, and even before bed. Why not create a podcast about mental health, science, and pop culture?

And that’s how At the Back of Your Mind was born.

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

What is At the Back of Your Mind?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to At the Back of Your Mind, the new addition to the InSPIre the Mind family! This new podcast gives a voice to early career researchers and people with lived experience in the mental health space in a fun, relaxed, and short format. Join us, your hosts, Maryam, Juliette, Carolina and guests, to chat about all things mental health, from lived experiences to exciting new research and everything in between. You might also be surprised by Maryam’s giggles fuelled by Juliette’s timely jokes, Carolina’s non-stop curiosity, and the frankness and openness of our guests.

Dear reader, what are you waiting for? Click here to listen to our trailer, and stay tuned! We’ll be releasing a brand-new episode every two weeks.

Meet the team

Your hosts (left to right): Maryam, Juliette and Carolina

Maryam, Juliette and Carolina are your hosts! Maryam is a researcher on adolescent mental health, Juliette is a PhD student on depression and early life stress, and Carolina is a postdoc on arts and psychiatry.

Left to right: Melisa, Carolina, Amina, Subeyda, Celeste, Nare, Juliette and Maryam

We are joined by our senior editor and overall badass producer, Melisa (also a researcher on treatment-resistant depression), and the behind-the-scenes team of researchers: Celeste, Amina, Subeyda, Nare and Lea (our new communications and impact editor!), who edit, produce, and create social media campaigns.

Lea, Communications and Impact Editor

Say hi to our new team member at ITM! Lea is currently finishing her master’s in International Marketing at King’s College London, to make information more accessible and raise awareness on important issues.

You’ll hear these mysterious team members in the credits if you listen to the very end of each episode!

Wait, not another mental health podcast!

You might be thinking, another podcast about mental health? I have about 15 in my library that I can’t find the time to listen to!

Well, this might be the podcast that changes all of that.

At the Back of Your Mind has turned the typical mental health podcast on its head by asking, “What do we really need in this space?”

We found out we need more experts that are truly relatable and who are willing to ask the big questions that listeners (and scientists themselves!) are itching to get the answers for. We can assure you that this podcast will tell new stories: we’ll explore fresh topics, hear novel perspectives, and, most importantly, discuss the science behind mental health.

We are the scientists asking the questions and publishing the papers on topics that you, the listener, ask yourself about! You will be guided by academic researchers within the mental health space, who can translate the nitty-gritty science into digestible conversations, so you can learn from our guests and feel more empowered.

In fact, consider yourself a guest, grab a cup of tea (or coffee!) and join the conversation.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

What will you get in the first season?

In the first season of At the Back of Your Mind, you will hear from clinicians, researchers and people with lived experience of mental illness on the topics of, for example, women in science, depression, long COVID and mental health, childhood trauma, inflammation, men’s mental health, and Tik Tok, with guests such as Professor Paola Dazzan and Dr Akeem Sule, to name a few.

We are having so much fun recording these episodes, and our guests are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their work and experiences.

Make sure to share your thoughts with us on Instagram.

Where to find us

At the Back of Your Mind is a fortnightly podcast series, with new episodes every other Thursday.

This podcast is for you, listener — listen to us on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and DM us on Instagram!

We want to hear from you and get to know what you’d like to hear from us. Who would you like us to have a chat with in season 2 of At the Back of Your Mind? What are the burning questions you desperately need an answer to?

Grab a cup of tea and join the conversation!

Scan this QR Code to find us on Instagram!


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