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Mental Health, Science and Society

The digital magazine bringing together everything you've always wanted to know about the worlds of mental health, art, and science. 


We are excited to share that we are now publishing short stories!


Our magazine has been recognised several times for its global contribution to mental health, and with the help of our writers we are proud recipients of the following awards: 

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ACNP Media Award 2022

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MHB Award 2022

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UK Mental Health 2022 

Who are we?

ITM is an inclusive digital magazine that focuses on the intersection between mental health, science and society. We do this with the help of our diverse group of writers with lived experience and academics who have dedicated their lives to research.

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Editorial Process

Our in-depth editorial process allows for a collaborative approach between the writer and the editor. We maintain the author's unique writing style through the process, and review all articles before they are published. The publication is overseen by scientists and clinicians, ensuring that the information put out is not only of significant interest to the public, but also factually accurate.

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Breadth of Content

We cover a wide breadth of topics ranging from lived experience, to science and research. Our writers discuss topics of public and personal interest, such as art and culture, as well as lifestyle and relationships. We explore these topics in the context of mental health, and their relation to one another. Our content is carefully chosen to align with current world trends and new scientific discoveries. 

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Behind the Scenes

ITM is all about the behind-the-scenes of scientific research in the field of mental health. We offer the unique opportunity to learn more, through our interviews with scientists and academics, about the studies that are making the headlines, the research they’ve dedicated their whole lives to, and the findings that might change the world of psychiatry and psychology as we know it.

Our Vision

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Inspire the Mind brings a different perspective from other mental health magazines: viewpoints of clinicians, researchers, and others working within mental health. We want to complement people’s accounts by discussing the scientific evidence underpinning these personal experiences, while also sharing with our readers ongoing research and clinical work, discussion pieces, and the various links between culture and mental health. Ultimately we want to impact mental health literacy and reduce the stigma around mental health.

Submit a pitch! 
We are only accepting short stories for the time being.

ITM is an inclusive digital magazine and therefore we encourage participation from people of colour, individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals with a mental or physical disability and individuals from a lower socio-economic background.

Has your previous work been published?
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